The Algarve Dive Guide

The Algarve Dive Guide

The Diving Guide was published in September 2009, with the aim of describing the Algarve’s key diving locations in a schematic way.

The intention of the guides is to contribute towards spreading awareness of diving in the region, allowing visiting divers to enjoy the subaquatic scenery, fauna and flora of the Algarve Coast in a safe and responsible way.

There are many different locations for the enjoyment of diving from shipwrecks and grottos and caverns, to reefs, channels and cliffs.

In its first edition the Guide presents 50 different locations mainly located in the Algarve’s Central and windward region.

Conceived so that it could be updated periodically with the insertion of new pages or removal of old ones in new editions, new diving locations and other places of interest currently in development will feature in the Guide in future editions, especially the itineraries of the four ships that make up the Ocean Revival Park.

Each diving location is described with a structured four-part layout. The first describes the location, indicated with the international diving flag, on a map of the region.

The second is a short text describing the diving location and indicating its most relevant features.

A third area features drawings of the location in lateral and vertical elevations, some of which are also illustrated with photographs.

Finally, a section with a small table that has technical data characterising the diving location with the following information:

Guia de Mergulho do Algarve

  • Diving location a code for quick identification;
  • The Area within the zone locating where diving takes place;
  • Time from Portimão to the location (or from the closest point of access);
  • Type of Diving Location: Open Water, Archaeological, Low Coast, Grotto or Cavern, Shipwreck, Underwater Mountain, Creek, Reef, Artificial Reef, Stone or Cliff;
  • Sea Bed: Sand, Rock, Mixed or Mud;
  • Depth: average, minimum and maximum;
  • General Classification of the diving location in terms of its characteristics, beauty, interest and richness in flora and fauna;
  • Diving Difficulty level, taking into consideration depth, existing currents, normal visibility and other local conditions;
  • Recommendations indicating care to be taken, techniques and/or equipment to use;


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