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Ocean Revival

Portimão City Council and Subnauta have joined forces in collaboration for an innovative mutual proposition. With the aim of making a major asset available to Algarve tour operators, they have a proposition for the development of an incomparable diving experience aimed at the international market.

In creating MUSUBMAR – The Association for the Promotion and Development of Subaquatic Tourism, a non-profit association, whose activities will be developed under the name Project Ocean Revival, their aim is to promote year-round sustainable development.

The Municipality puts the vessels donated by the Portuguese’s Navy; Subnauta leads the project and promotes the funding.

The name Ocean Revival is based on the idea that the recycling of the ships as artificial reefs means that rather than disappearing, they are instead are given new life. Ocean Revival is a brand registered by MUSUBMAR, a non-profit organisation.

The Ocean Revival initiative will be the differentiating factor that will allow the Algarve to be transformed into a new benchmark for diving worldwide.

Logótipo Ocean Revival

"The impossible missions are the only ones which succeed."
Jacques Cousteau

Our mission is the promotion of high-level sub-aquatic tourism in Portugal, in complete harmony with the environment, assuring socio-economic development and stimulating research and scientific knowledge.

This project is driven by a passion for diving, an entrepreneurial spirit, a quest to preserve historical heritage in a strategic and sustainable way and a desire to give the end product an innovative and unique character.


  • Pioneering Spirit;
  • Sustainability;
  • Environmental Awareness;
  • Spreading Knowledge;
  • Promoção do Conhecimento;
  • Revitalisation of Heritage.


Luís Sá Couto
After working for Accenture for 28 years as the first President and Executive Director of the company in Portugal, from 1989 to 2005, Luís founded Subnauta, a company designed and built with the sea in mind, where he developed a strong business as a diving instructor. Almost as a personal crusade, he is the protagonist, mentor and promoter of Project Ocean Revival.

Pedro Poucochinho
Began working for the Portimão City Hall in 1977, in a role as the Information Office and Public Relations Coordination Officer for the local authority. In 2002 he took up a role in the Presidency Office, initially as an Attaché and later on as the Office Manager. Throughout the time in this role, among other duties, Pedro was delegated the role and responsibility of all internal and external communications for the authority on behalf of the Council President. He is an active collaborator in the Ocean Revival Project.

Pedro Caleja
Worked as an archaeologist at the National Centre of Nautical and Sub-Aquatic Archaeology [Centro Nacional de Arqueologia Náutica e Subaquática - CNANS] of the Ministry of Culture between 1998 and 2008, during which time he joined the Subnauta team where he was involved in a project that researched and assessed the potential shipwrecks aimed at tourism, as well as collaborating on the Ocean Revival Project.


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Right now we are committed to ensuring the necessary financing to complete the project. We counted on the support from everyone.


The main entities that supports the Ocean Revival Project: